MyBonky nursing (breastfeeding) blanket is a patented multi-functional burping cloth, blanket, protective couch/surface cover, car seat/carrier canopy, breastfeeding cover, shopping cart protective buddy and a swaddling cloth all in one. Our durable nursing cover fills several niches. We provide a 100% cotton product made in the USA. Our nursing (breastfeeding) blanket will serve several needs for moms for several years.
No wires, no over the head straps, no unsecure over the shoulder flap, not a one function blanket, will not be discarded after nursing (breastfeeding) is finished. My bonky nursing (breastfeeding) blanket will be used long after nursing (breastfeeding) is finished.  It’s the perfect all around blanket.  J 



My Bonky nursing (breastfeeding) blanket was designed in 1999 to eliminate the struggle of discretely breastfeeding/pumping in public to allow privacy and intimacy to be kept in the process. Balzer's Blanket came about shortly after. Still the struggles women had to endure with breastfeeding/pumping in public continued and discouraged the healthiest start in child life. While career women multi-tasked their roles as mothers and financial contributors to the home they needed obstacles removed to create a healthy mainstay with all its benefits in their child's life. To find a private, clean and intimate place for feeding/pumping while in public was a task in itself. Balzer's Blanket wanted to come up with a multi use blanket to encourage women and remove all obstacles in this arena that would discourage the motherly duty of breastfeeding or pumping discretely in public.

In 2008, "My Bonky" nursing privacy blanket received a patent pending status as a protective cover while burping, a clean layer between surfaces and child also a swaddling blanket just to name a few. My Bonky will remove the embarrassing moments that could happen in public while pumping / breastfeeding. Finally, an answer all mothers have been waiting for, a breastfeeding blanket designed to give us privacy while keeping the intimacy, confidence and peace of mind during the breastfeeding process!

 We are so excited about "My Bonky" breastfeeding blanket, as well as other products which will be released in the near future (Rain blanket and the Daddy Bag). We would love to hear from you and look forward to you visiting our site. Thank you so much for your support.