MyBonky nursing (breastfeeding) blanket is a patented multi-functional burping cloth, blanket, protective couch/surface cover, car seat/carrier canopy, breastfeeding cover, shopping cart protective buddy and a swaddling cloth all in one. Our durable nursing cover fills several niches. We provide a 100% cotton product made in the USA. Our nursing (breastfeeding) blanket will serve several needs for moms for several years.
No wires, no over the head straps, no unsecure over the shoulder flap, not a one function blanket, will not be discarded after nursing (breastfeeding) is finished. My bonky nursing (breastfeeding) blanket will be used long after nursing (breastfeeding) is finished.  It’s the perfect all around blanket.  J 



My Bonky is a nursing blanket that was designed by a woman for women and their babies. It is the only blanket for nursing that provides full coverage and security while nursing.

Put one of your arms through the opening. Then pull the blanket up over your shoulder until it is snug against your underarm. Hold your baby while nursing. My Bonky nursing blanket will give you and your baby complete coverage for secured intimate privacy.

NOTE: My Bonky is made to be used under parent supervision. My Bonky is machine washable, tumble dry.