MyBonky nursing (breastfeeding) blanket is a patented multi-functional burping cloth, blanket, protective couch/surface cover, car seat/carrier canopy, breastfeeding cover, shopping cart protective buddy and a swaddling cloth all in one. Our durable nursing cover fills several niches. We provide a 100% cotton product made in the USA. Our nursing (breastfeeding) blanket will serve several needs for moms for several years.
No wires, no over the head straps, no unsecure over the shoulder flap, not a one function blanket, will not be discarded after nursing (breastfeeding) is finished. My bonky nursing (breastfeeding) blanket will be used long after nursing (breastfeeding) is finished.  It’s the perfect all around blanket.  J 



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Megan Oriso stated: I had bought this as a gift for my sister. The blanket is beautiful and my sister was so happy. The packing, the care, the bag to carry the blanket and the hand sanitizer gift all show how carefully Val thought out My Bonky Blanket. I believe in this product and Val so much. I will gift it to each new mother I know.  

Jennifer Mudrick stated: One of my favorite things about my My Bonky blanket was it made it more comfortable when feeding my son when we went out to eat at a restaurant. With other blankets I always had trouble keeping the blanket up on my shoulder, covering me. So I’d have to constantly stop eating and pull the blanket back up on my shoulder.  Well when you have a bonky blanket this is not an issue. It fits nicely around your shoulder and leaves enough room for air to get into the baby so you can enjoy your meal as well.

Angela Mullins Woodruff stated: "My Bonky" was such a great part of my nursing experience for my son!  I was able to take him out in public and still nurse, all wile having full use of my arm. The armslot on the bonky is truly a great concept! Thank you for such a great product!

Diamond Rhaming Stated: This nursing blanket is theee bomb. It's so versatile. My baby loves it. It's nice, soft, warm with fun patterns that catch my sons attention. I absolutely love this bonky. I couldn't go a day with out it. 

Brenda L. Upsher's Family Child Care stated, "
Dear Balzer's, I have purchased you blankets on two separate occasions. I would like to thank you for this wonderful invention. I had purchased one for both a female and male child and wanted to tell you that the selection and quality was superb on both accounts. The expecting mothers were absolutely thrilled. Your design has made the process of breast feeding not a spectators sport. We thank you and pray continued success to you at Balzer's Blanket.

Brenda L. Upsher's Family Child Care
3250 Bainton Street
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 537-1449

Heidi Hoffman, C.R.N.P stated, “My Bonky is a versatile, multi use blanket that has helped me with my private breastfeeding time with my son.” 

Heidi Hoffmans response card: "Dear Valerie, Thank you so very much for the baby gifts. "My Bonky" is most helpful and easy to use! I hope that you have a very enjoyable holiday and I'll see you in the new year!" 
Sincerely Hedi Hoffman

Hi Valerie,
Your blankets are designed to help mothers to breastfeed confidently and discreetly. What a clever and helpful product! The blanket will stay put on the mother's shoulder rather than sliding off and the baby can nurse underneath rather than having to leave in search of solitude when she wants to nurse.
Good luck in your business!
Diane Bear, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant
UPMC Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh

Tonya Essex, Cosmotologist stated, " I purchased a Bonky privacy blanket for a friend who was considering breastfeeding. What a wonderful idea. My friend absolutely loved it! She was so pleased with how easy it made nursing in public and kept her from being confined to the house."